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Our latest developments
SMBC S.A and our partners have developed the following packages and closing systems.

INSERT PART   Insert Part for a Dispenser, and Dispenser [Pub. No.: WO/2016/110506 | Pub. Date: 14.07.2016]

The invention relates to an insert part for a dispenser, in particular a dispenser for piece goods, for example a tablet dispenser, with a bottom part and an edge-side insert wall, wherein the bottom part has a through-opening and a receiving surface surrounding the through-opening, and wherein moreover a wall, preferably the insert wall, protrudes above the receiving surface...
DISPENSER   Dispender for Discharging Liquid to Pasty... [Pub. No.: WO/2015/014561 | Pub. Date: 5.02.2015]

The invention relates to a dispenser for discharging liquid to pasty materials, comprising a discharge opening, a storage chamber for the material, and a pump chamber having an inlet valve and an outlet valve, wherein an upper part and a lower part of the pump chamber can be moved toward each other in order to perform a pumping motion and the pump chamber can be acted on by...
COSMETIC PRODUCT DISPENSER   Cosmetic Product Dispender [Pub. No.: WO/2014/206882 | Pub. Date: 31.12.2014]

The invention relates to a cosmetic product dispenser for discharging liquid to pasty substances, comprising a dispenser housing having a dispensing opening in a dispensing head, and a storage chamber formed in the dispenser housing. The storage chamber has a bottom, and the volume of the substance in the storage chamber can be reduced.

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